About Feel-Goodies®

tinyFeel-Goodies-icon Feel-Goodies® are handy feel-good digi-cards/stories that uplift, entertain and enlighten. These digital packets of inspirational wisdom help you to remember how wonderful you really are.

tinyFeelGoodiesCharacter320_460 Just a click away. Feel-Goodies® give you a quick way to integrate successful powerful beliefs into your consciousness. Positive thoughts lead to a positive life. However, we live such busy lives, it is often difficult to find the time to improve ourselves on-the-go. Feel-Goodies® can be experienced in the bank line, at the post office, at the supermarket, on the train, or wherever they are needed. Give yourself the gift of a supporting loving self, read uplifting Feel-Goodies® from the web or Amazon Alexa app.

The Invention of Feel-Goodies®

Feel-fastfoodsign Goodies® were invented by L.H. Allgood while she was sitting in a fast food restaurant reading self-help books. She found herself reading the subtitles and drawn to messages that complimented her. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could condense all these books into fast nourishment for spirit?”

She voraciously read the bestselling self-help books on the market, taking the essence of the best content and them into Feel-Goodies®. Ms. Allgood continually studies mastery of wisdom materials for hear own self-improvement. She writes Feel-Goodies® when she hears or sees something that touches her heart and makes her feel good. There are thousands of them available.

About Aproprose
Headquartered beneath the shade of a one-hundred year-old ash tree, Aproprose seeks to find the highest and good in all situations. Our philosophy is based on spiritual principles found in all religions in which both masculine and feminine aspects of God are respected.

We invite you tell your friend s and share Feel-Goodies® whenever possible.

Please note we no longer support the smartphone apps associated with Feel-Goodies®, we discovered it is easier to create new Feel-Goodies® on the web for smartphone and tablet use. The Amazon Alexa app can be used to ask Alexa to “say Feel-Goodies®.”



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