Alexa Skills Set, Alexa App Feel-Goodies® Programming Help

We tried to make the Amazon Alexa Skill Set for Feel-Goodies® as easy as possible to enable feel-good sayings that uplift, entertain and help you feel better about yourself.  To help users, we have listed all the most popular ways to receive Feel-Goodies® through the Alexa Skill Set.

To enable Feel-Goodies®, say “Alexa, enable Feel-Goodies.”  You can enable Feel-Goodies from your Amazon account. You can also in the Amazon Alexa app, tap on skills, search for “Feel-Goodies” and enable the skill. See video below:

The commands, “open”, “ask”, “do” and “tell” all work followed by the the phrase “Feel-Goodies.”

Here are the key phrases you can say to ask Alexa for Feel-Goodies®.

“Alexa, Open Feel-Goodies” or “Alexa, Open Feel Goodies, please.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies.” or “Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, please.”or “Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for more.”

“Alexa, Do Feel-Goodies.” or “Alexa, Do Feel-Goodies, please” 

“Alexa, Tell Feel-Goodies.” or  “Alexa, Tell Feel-Goodies, please.”

Please be sure to ask for “Feel-Goodies,” plural with an “s” on the end with major command phrase or Alexa may get confused.

Other ways to ask for Feel-Goodies are:

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for a Feel-Goodie.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, to say a Feel-Goodie.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, to say Feel-Goodies.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, to tell me a Feel-Goodie,”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, to give me Feel-Goodies.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, to say Feel-Goodies.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for Feel-Goodies, please.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for Feel-Goodies, now.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for Feel-Goodie.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies,  to tell me a Feel-Goodie.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for more Feel-Goodies.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for more.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for one.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for one more.”

“Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for another.”

If you ask Alexa to “get” things and you have Bing search installed, she will look on the Internet.